At Vink Netherlands, we firmly believe the formula for our success lies in our ability to recognise, and realise, the countless possibilities of plastics as a diverse set of revolutionary materials. This vision is delivered by an enterprising team of more than 300 individuals who dare to think differently; applying complex techniques and operating at peak efficiency to maximise our customers’ own performance. We offer them the best, and largest, selection of plastic semi-finished products across all industrial market sectors.

Logo for Vink Plastics, the independent plastics distributor and supplier of plastic semi-finished products in all industrial market segments
Vink Kunststoffen
+31 316 298911
Since its birth in 1954, Vink Kunststoffen has been the leading supplier and distributor of plastic semi-finished products in The Netherlands - a pioneer in the field of plastics for industrial applications. In over 60 years, we have built...
Logo for Vink GVK, the leader in the Dutch market for Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) gratings, profiles and constructions.
Vink GVK
+31 316 298922
+31 316 298887
Vink GVK leads the Dutch market in the field of GRP gratings, profiles and constructions. In this growing market Vink GVK daily discovers new applications where it can contribute to our customers' success. Vink GVK is locate...
Vink Techniek
+31 316 298870
Vink Techniek is the leading plastics fabrication business in The Netherlands. With more then 40 years experience in all possible uses of plastic, focussing on industry and the machine building sector. At Vink Techniek we are not ju...
logo for Vink VT that has a comprehensive assortment of multi-walled polycarbonate plates in stock in different thicknesses, colours and lengths.
Vink VT
+31 165 513953
+31 165 513954
Vink VT has a comprehensive assortment of multi-walled polycarbonate plates in stock; in different thicknesses, colors and lengths that can be cut to size ready for delivery. Thanks to our unique stock position, you are guaranteed an effici...
Vink VTS
+31 75 6470670
Vink Visual Technology Solutions (VTS) leads the Dutch market in the field of visual communication. In this high-profile market, with a growing diversity of visual expression, Vink VTS focusses on a wide range of applications, including; ad...
PerlaPlast Kunststofshop
+31 314 668544
+31 314 668074
PerlaPlast Kunststofshop is a webshop for single customers and small to medium sized companies. We have the broadest assortment of semi-finished plastics and accessories in the Netherlands and Belgium. Cut-to-size and product advice are an ...
logo for Schreinemacher; for many years a leading specialist & leading plastics full service centre from semi-finished products up till complete finished products.
+31 13 5729680
+31 13 5729689
For many years, Schreinemacher has been the leading specialist, full service centre for plastics; from semi-finished to complete finished products. Working for many years with reliable partners and suppliers, we've expanded our capabilities...
Batelaan Kunststoffen B.V.
+31 71 5613301
Batelaan Kunststoffen B.V. is a specialist in vacuum forming and thermoforming. We have more than 60 years of experience in the plastics industry, producing sheet and roll materials. We make, Covers for electrical devices and machines, pick...
Microtherm | Kunststof CNC Verspaning
0226 34 06 19
Microtherm B.V. is een familiebedrijf uit Oudkarspel (Noord-Holland). Onze core business is CNC-draaien en -frezen. Met 12 CNC-draaibanken en 16 CNC-freesbanken vervaardigen wij diverse onderdelen voor de maakindustrie. De onderdelen varië...
Plastica Thermoforming
+31 (0)164 23 60 33
Plastica Thermoforming is de specialist op het gebied van vacuümvormen en thermovormen van klantspecifieke producten uit kunststofplaat. Onze ervaren engineers zetten je wensen om naar een vacuümvormbaar ontwerp. We ontwerpen en producere...