At Vink we place a high value on ethical conduct and compliance with the law. We encourage the reporting any incidents of fraud and theft, or any other activity that does not meet Vink’s core values and guiding principles. If you have witnessed any activity that runs contrary to the Vink ethos you can report the incident by clicking the links below.

All issues may be reported anonymously. For certain issues, such as personnel matters or Heath, Safety and Environment, there is an escalation procedure. You can see the escalation procedure here.

If you have any discomfort following the escalation procedure you may  submit an anonymous report at any time.

You can also send an anonymous e-mail to

Submit a report about suspect activity in violation of Vink’s ethos.

Retrieve a response to your previously submitted report.

All incidents reported are routed directly to the Vink Internal Audit department. This department is independent of management and will treat all reported cases as confidential.

If you choose to remain anonymous you may still select to share basic contact details in the report so that the relevant investigators can contact you for more information should the need arise.

Vink does not tolerate retaliation against or the victimization of any person who raises concerns or questions regarding a potential violation of the Vink Business Ethics Policy,  Whistleblowing Policy,  Anti Bribery and Money Laundering Policy or any other Vink policy that he or she reasonably believes to have occurred.

NOTE – Reporting issues to Vink may result in Vink needing to collect, process and maintain certain of your personal information. This will be done in line with European GDPR Regulations.